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Benefits of Having a Cat

1. They Can Be Low-Maintenance

As long as you change their litter box regularly and give them enough food and water, your cat will do fine. This is not to say you shouldn't spend quality time with your purring pal—you should! But cats are independent animals, and they definitely don't need constant supervision. You can even go away for a weekend without having to hire a pet sitter. Cats are good at cleaning and entertaining themselves.

2. They Can Be Affectionate

When they're in the mood, cats can be very loving. Stroking a cat has been shown to have a calming effect and reduce stress. A curled up, purring kitty on your lap will make you feel good even when nothing else can.

3. They Are Entertaining

It's fun to watch your feline frolic and see some of the strange positions they adopt when they relax. They are also very playful animals. They will chase almost anything that moves. For extra fun, give them some catnip.

4. They May Help Manage Pests

One of the reasons that humans domesticated cats was to help control the populations of invasive rodents and other pests. Many domestic cats still enjoy the thrill of the hunt, killing rodents, insects, and other small animals both indoors and out.

5. They Are Adorable as Kittens

Their wide eyes, soft furry bellies, and pleading mews will melt even the meanest of hearts. They won't be a kitten forever, but it's lovely while it lasts, so enjoy every minute of it!

6. They Don't Require a Lot of Space

A lot of cats are happy to live in a (relatively) small house or apartment, as long as there is a source of warmth and a window from which they can watch the world. Most cats enjoy exploring the outdoors as well. Many individuals who reside in smaller dwellings allow their cats to venture outside so that they don't feel cooped up.

7. They Don't Require Walks

Unlike dogs, you don't need to take cats for regular walks. Most cats exercise themselves for entertainment, and those that are allowed outside tend to be fairly active.



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